Andrew Campbell - Director

Brought up in a family of entrepreneurs, Andrew Campbell innately understands what it takes to achieve success. Involved in the family business (the over 200-store Kleins jewellery chain) for most of his life, Andrew is energised by the challenges of commerce. In recent years, he has channeled that energy into his own projects in the health and fitness industries and as a property investor. It's no surprise then, that this mixture of personal motivation and property experience have lead to a place with Bayside's leading real estate group.

Taught from an early age to "think outside the square" and to see alternative paths to success, Andrew brings a fresh new perspective to an established industry. Through his eyes, every property under his care is an individual opportunity worthy of its own "business plan" with a unique approach to marketing, negotiating and selling. To this plan, Andrew brings his own highly focused analytical approach; honed by his own experiences as an investor in the market and informed by his personal mantra - to "dream big" and accept nothing less than superlative success.

In fact, it's just as well that Andrew knows how to dream big at work - in his personal life sleep is in pretty short supply. A morning person, Andrew wakes most mornings at 5.00am to take part in the fitness training that has been part of his life since his teens. With a young daughter and a wife working in Events Management, a high energy approach is a necessity... and one that Andrew embraces and brings to every single sale.

Andrew Campbell